Today we started our Unknown Language Class.  One of the tutors is teaching us Gaelige.  She teaches the entire class in Gaelige.  It’s a chance to see how our students will learn from us when we can’t speak their native tongue.  I was stoked on getting some insight into the minds of my Korean students from last year.  We had to do peer teaching today.  I chose the Solar System as my topic.  We had 8 minutes and I used over half playing hangman at the start as an “engaging activity”.  The phrase was “My very excited mother just served us nachos”.  It’s supposed to be a memorization technique for the order of the planets. I was bummed considering I spent a while preparing the PPT that really didn’t get shown.

I am the only experienced teacher here. It’s strange.  I was nervous coming here, but now I’ve met others who are seemingly a lot more nervous then I am.  The workload seems like it might be demanding, but I’m not going to allow myself to freak out about it.

I likely won’t get a chance to explore Prague a ton during this course. However, the Municipal House is right around the corner from our place and there are classical performances there daily, I’ll likely check one out soon.  We’re also close to Old Town Hall.  The other flat is across the river.  Last night the tutors treated us to drinks and the other students came to our place afterward. Most of the students are cool and down to earth.

The other map didn’t embed so well.  Try this:

Anyway.  It was fun getting warmed up for teaching today, and we are going to be teaching students on Thursday.  Already excited about that too.

I do hope I can squeeze in some sight seeing when I’m not busy and/or exhausted.

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~ by burp182 on 01/05/2010.

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